Amazing Family Rides (10yrs+)

Our rides are fun and safe for everyone.   Riders must be 8yrs and older for the Amazing Family Rides.  

$85-115pp .   Check the Schedule and Book Online for Best Pricing

It’s true, we’ve discontinued all riding for children under 8yrs of age, but check out GOGA!  our Redneck Bowling Alley, Goats & Wine (or Soda), or click here to answer the burning question,  What Happened to the Kids Program?

 15 horses max for groups.

Open Monday-Friday, maybe a Saturday or Sunday here and there.

1.5 hour ride @ various times, depending on the day.  $85-115pp .  Check the Schedule

Our trails are on mountainous terrain just above the town of Vail.  The trails are beginner friendly and the wildlife is plentiful.

The trail is only 12″ wide so the horses walk single-file unless walking on the jeep trail.  All rides are walking and trotting rides.  No cantering (galloping, loping, running) as the horses must climb 1000ft in elevation the first 30 minutes and would get too skinny.  Cliffs and steep trails are not a problem and beginners are encouraged to ride.  Advanced riders are welcome to trot.

The ride includes a good change in elevation, dense forests of quaking Aspen trees, increasing exposure to the beauty of the area, the smell of leather, the sound of birds and the colors of the wildflowers.

Riders are immersed in the magical garden of an Aspen glade with stunning white trunks, and a leafy green canopy that changes color throughout the day, as the sun moves. Giant Cow Parsnip towers over the heads of the horses. Deer stare at the passersby with unblinking eyes, hiding their fawns in the thick, green underbrush that appears to cover everything. You will see wide-open, scenic views of the Gore Range, Vail ski slopes, and Beaver Creek ski slopes under bluebird skies.

Amazing Family Rides (8yrs+) $85-115pp     Book it here.


Cancellation Policy:  48 Hours and 5 Minutes for a full refund.  We are genuinely sorry that we must have a strict cancellation policy.  We realize that this policy may come as a real disappointment.  We hope that you will understand that the policy reflects an extraordinary range of determining factors. 


Where do the horses go during the winter months?

A spectacular mountain ride for all levels of riders, beginner to advanced.  Walking with optional trotting where possible.

All riders must be 8 yrs of age and up for Amazing Family Rides.

All riders must weigh less than 225lbs.  (People 6′ and up can weigh up to 245lbs)


Family Rides – $85-115pp .  Book online for best pricing.

Lesson 1:  Mounting a Horse


Lesson 2:  Steering Your Horse



Lesson 3: Dismounting a Horse