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Crooked Cow Saloon

Cold beer, wine, & soda

Home of the Happiest Hour in Town

The beer garden at the Crooked Cow Saloon is open most days  from 3:30- 5:30 or later, if the crowd keeps it going.  Sunday 2:00-???

Goat Happy Hour.  It’s The Happiest Hour in Town!!  There are toys for the kids, a sandbox, picnic tables, hammocks and chairs for lounging.  2 Drink minimum per person. (This is not a free city park or playground)

Colorado Craft Beers, Spicy Margaritas, Colorado Mules, Coors, Hard Seltzers, Wine, Soda, Capri Sun, Tea, Cold Brew Coffee, various snacks.

Now Featuring Goats & Wine!

It gets Western! So come on up. We need your energy too. Need a muscle relaxant after your horseback ride? Come on by the Crooked Cow for a cold beer, wine or non-alcoholic selection after you dismount.

Private Goats & Wine Sessions

That is where you spend time in a fenced, shaded area with a good number of goats. People get wild and funny! I mean the goats get wild and funny. The people act totally normal.