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Goats & Wine

Quick Details

Goats & Wine Ages 21 & up
Goats & Soda Ages 11-20
Goats & Soda Ages 10 & Under

Unwind with an Amazing Goats & Wine Experience!

Men, women, and children find themselves enthralled by our humorous goats. Come experience the joy of hanging out with these delightful animals while you sip on a drink. The goats are released into the visiting pen, where you are ready with treats and an uncanny ability to prevent the goats from spilling your drinks. At first it’s a bit chaotic, and then everyone settles into some kind of calm and delight.

If you’re bringing the children, you can watch them have fun in Goats & Soda while you lounge in a hammock with a cold one. Everyone is happy.

And if that seems a bit much, you can always show up at the Crooked Cow Saloon for a casual hangout with goats between 3:30 and 5:30 p.m. for the Happiest Hour in Town, when a few goats roam free and get into things, like cars and purses.  They will try to drink your beverage as well.  It’s mayhem.