Horse & Pony Camps

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Each Lil’ Outlaw aged 7-12 receives a horse that is appropriate for their riding ability. Grooming, saddling and riding skills are taught by the instructors. With a little arena skill building, the kids head out onto the trail.  There they ride, eat lunch, play games, learn how to anticipate and prevent problems one encounters when riding horses under the guidance of safe and playful instructors.

One day, three, ten or 22, the number of days is up to you. Kids will learn something new every day they attend, as each horse is different, and teaches kids a surprising new skill each day.




Lil’ Buckaroos aged 3-7 yrs learn everything there is to learn about ponies in a 3 hour camp. Lead, groom, saddle, and ride, ride, ride! Did we mention chores?

Flexible scheduling allows parents to put their youngest children in one day of camp for 1/2 the day. or full day activities. 2 sessions each day

Note: The brochure states Pony Camp is for kids 0+. This is a misprint and we only allow children aged 3-7 yrs of age.



Our Camps
Send your kids to horse camp where they’ll ride for hours in the beauty of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, will learn how to actively and safely think for themselves as they ride, and be in a supportive and nurturing atmosphere that’s all about learning and having a great time.

We have several buildings for shelter if it rains. The kids pack a sack lunch and may sit at the picnic area or have a feast under a tree as they gaze over the surrounding mountain ranges. We encourage everyone to be prepared for any kind of weather, although the summers are spectacular here in Vail, CO.

Why Our Horse Camps Are Special

We take pride in providing campers with a genuine horseback experience every single day. Here campers learn to care for their horses, how to communicate with an animal which is many times their own size, and how to really ride, all in the beautiful setting of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. If you’ve looked into other horse camps, you’ve probably been given a list of activities that campers participate in each day. They may ride for an hour, clean tack for an hour, play a game, and do a craft. But that’s not really horse camp, now, is it?

We believe that horse camp should really be horse camp. That’s why our campers spend serious time in
the saddle – after tacking up their own horses, campers ages 7 through 12 leave the gate at 10:30 in the
morning and they don’t come back until 3:00 that afternoon. They spend their time out on the mountain
on horseback, with a break for lunch, of course. (Our younger campers have a shorter camp schedule.)

What Our Campers Learn

When you send your kid to Vail Stables Horse and Pony Camps, your child will learn valuable skills that can be transferred to everyday life: Survival Riding: Our campers don’t learn how to ride a horse as he travels in circles in a riding ring – they learn how to navigate trails with their horses. Campers learn how to be active riders, steering their horses, controlling their speed, and preventing them from stopping for a snack during the ride.

Planning: When you’re mounted on a horse, planning becomes very important to your success. Our campers learn to plan ahead and to think for themselves, whether it’s anticipating a horse’s reaction when a wild animal appears or planning how best to get a bridle on a horse who’s taller than they are.

Being a Member of a Team: Our campers become a close-knit, cohesive team. We all cheer each other on and celebrate each other’s successes. We love to watch our campers be transformed into talented, confident kids. Campers gain the following through the lessons they learn in riding:

Independence: At our camps, campers do things on their own. We’re always there to support them, but the accomplishments are all theirs.

Confidence: There’s no better way to instill confidence than to accomplish a task along with your 1,000-pound non-English- speaking equine partner.

Patience: Campers quickly learn that they need to be patient as they work with their horses.

Our Mission

To safely teach and expose kids to the joy of horseback riding, pony wrangling, animal care, and more.