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  • 20th Anniversary Ride

Elk Springs Trail

Quick Details

Half-Day Private Ride for 7 yrs +.  $720 per person.  Min. 3 spaces required to reserve.

Children 7-13yrs
Adults 14yrs+ /Min. 2
Private Rides Per Person/Min 2 ppl to book.
  • We are saying, in advance, that there is not a shortcut home, so you have to be tough. You are in the saddle for half the day.
  • Includes snacks and beverages
  • Available on weekends.

Half-Day Rides require a minimum of 2 spaces, horses, saddles, people, aliens to start a ride, at $360.00 per child ages 7-13 and $390.00 for adults 14+ person.   No.  Two people cannot ride one horse.  Oh, the phone calls we get.  Private Rides $720pp with a 3 saddle minimum.


Weight Limit

  • 225 if you are under 6′ tall
  • 240 if you are over 6′ tall.

Age Limit

  • 7 yrs and older

Cancellation Policy

  • 48 hours and 5 minutes for regular rides, 7 days for groups of 12 or more and private rides for a full refund.