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Rocky Point Trail

A multi-dimensional ride suitable for anyone 5yrs and up.

Quick Details

Users Private rides available (three-person minimum)

All-Age Ride Ages 5 & up
No Kids Rides Ages 18 & up
Private Ride Min 3 ppl.

A Pleasurable Horseback Riding Experience in Vail for Everyone

Make your way up to Rocky Point on this unique horseback ride! Enjoy the unobstructed views during the first 30 minutes as the horses climb 600 feet in elevation up to Rocky Point. Anyone and everyone 5 years and older can enjoy this ride. We have many alternate routes to mitigate any fears or family members with special needs.

As the trail switchbacks through the high mountain meadow, grind some fragrant sage between your fingers and apply liberally. It’s so refreshing! It also works well if you forgot to apply your deodorant that morning.

Once at Rocky Point, you are privy to a spectacular 260-ish degree view of the Vail Valley, Gore Range, Beaver Creek, Bald Mountain, and the Vail ski slopes. Holiday card photos happen here. From there, the trail follows the edge of a shady, ancient Aspen glade where the trail splits. A right turn leads to the Bear Hollow and Dark Timber rides for full immersion in forest bathing.

For this ride, we continue heading straight ahead and begin the slow descent back to the corral. Grassy meadows and brushy areas conceal deer and their fawns. Watch them until they blink. We promise they are not decoys!

If all riders were able to keep your horse’s head in the alert position and the hooves in a general forward direction, the guide takes the longer route to where a rustic old cabin sits. It was once the site of many cowboy dinners.

What to Bring

  • What to wear: long pants, sturdy shoes
  • Helmets are provided, and we have many loaner cowboy hats.
  • We suggest bringing a camera, sunglasses, selfie stick, sunscreen, and your singing voice.