Horseback Riding

There is an abundance of sunshine, and a scarcity of cliffs on this stunning, multi-dimensional ride. Anyone and everyone, 5 yrs and older can do this ride. We have many alternate routes to accommodate any fears or family members with special needs. Enjoy the unobstructed views during the first 30 minutes as the horses climb 600ft. in elevation up to Rocky Point. Once at Rocky Point, riders are privy to a spectacular 360-degree view of the Vail Valley, Gore Range, Beaver Creek, Bald Mountain and the Vail Ski Slopes. From there, the trail follows the edge of a shady, ancient Aspen glade where the trail splits.

9:00, 1:00, 3:00 $70pp

Upgrade during the booking process to an Adult-Only ride where all riders are over 15 yrs+ for an additional $20pp or to a Private Ride with just your kin folk for an additional $70pp.




Staff Favorite! Includes everything you see on the Rocky Point Ride with wide open views of the surrounding mountain ranges. For the extra 30 minutes, giant Cow Parsnip towers over the heads of the horses. Riders are immersed in the magical garden of an Aspen glade with stunning white trunks, and a leafy green canopy that changes color throughout the day, as the sun moves. Deer stare at the passersby with unblinking eyes, hiding their fawns in the thick, green underbrush that appears to cover everything. Scenic views of the Gore Range, Vail ski slopes, and Beaver Creek ski slopes.

10:30, 12:30 and 3:00 $85pp
(additional times available during peak season – 9:30 and 11:00)

Upgrade during booking process to an Adult-Only Ride where everyone is 15 yrs+ for an additional $20pp or to a Private Ride exclusively for your favorite people for an additional $85pp.




Favorite Ride of 2016! Look for wildlife on this ride as it climbs to 9400ft in elevation. Elk, deer, whistle pigs, fox and singing birds are well camouflaged in the dense, white stands of Aspen. The giant Cow Parsnip crowds the trails and towers over the heads of the horses, with its large green leaves and delicate, white flower. Monkshood grows in a very special damp area of the trail. Wildflowers of all colors take turns crowding the sunny areas of the trails. The views from two lookout points are perfect for the landscape photographer in the bunch. A short section of beetle-kill mixed with new growth offers a cool respite from the summer sun. The two-hour includes both the one hour and the 1.5-hour trails. However, you will not see the same area twice.

10:00 $100pp

Upgrade during the booking process to an Adult-Only ride where everyone is 15 yrs+ for an additional $20pp or a Private Ride for you and yours for an additional $100pp.




You want an all-access backcountry pass. Heading to the west, this technical backcountry ride climbs to 10,000ft in elevation by traversing large meadows, steep grades, thick, dark, fragrant stands of Lodge Pole pine trees, densely populated Aspen glades, bubbling creeks and lush undergrowth. Plop down on your belly and slurp from a fresh, cold spring. Having said that, 6 yr olds do it every day and an amazing Grandma did it at 91. She was very flexible! We are saying, in advance, that there is not a shortcut home, so you have to be tough. You are in the saddle for three hours+.

11:00 on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Upgrade during the booking process to an Adult-Only ride for riders 15 yrs+ for an additional $20pp or to a Private Ride with your loved ones for an additional $180pp.




It might be a 3 person job with one leading, one pushing and one confusing the rest, but tiniest Lil’ Dogie can enjoy our ponies.

  • Groom, lead, ride, and enjoy your pony time.
  • Parents lead the ponies on our trails. The photographer in your group will use up 2 memory cards on this special event.
  • 20 minutes will tucker out the whole gang.
  • Walk-up service available 7 days a week between 10am-4pm
  • Reservations available at 10, 10:30, 11 and 11:30 when you book online.