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The Ultimate Colorado Adventure

Spectacular Adventures in Vail, Colorado

From $30.00

Pony Time may mean feeding treats, petting, learning, grooming, crying, laughing, screaming, screeching or squealing out of fear or glee, photo opportunities, riding or mom and dad simply leading the pony around and around in the beer garden as baby watches from afar.  Lower your expectations and everyone will have a great Pony Time.  0-5 yrs old, (6, 7 and 8,…yr olds go on horseback rides) parent-led in the beer garden, includes 1 cup of treats, 30 minutes, $30.  Offered at specific times during the day.  Please check here for the available schedule.

There is a second opportunity to play with ponies and that is during G.O.A.T. Happy Hour.  15 minutes for $15, includes 1 cup of treats.  Please schedule this ride under G.O.A.T. Happy Hour.