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Team Roping Practice

The Addiction Continues...

High Level Team Roping Practice

Stay legged-up while on vacation.

We provide everything from finished head and heel horses, saddles, ropes, gloves, etc.

Wednesday evening practice at the fairgrounds with #5, 6 and 7 ropers.

From $165

Booking for summer 2022 now!

Appropriate for all ages.  Parents, 5 yr olds usually do better than adults.  They can do it!!  Enjoy a scenic ride on mountainous terrain, with giant mountain views, and through a dense leafy-green Aspen forest we call The Enchanted Forest.   It is a sensory-filled Forest Bath that will leave you speechless!

May 27th-Jun 25th & Aug 27-Oct1


$185pp Adult Only

$330pp Private (min 3ppl to book)


Jun 26-Aug 26th (Peak Season)


$200 Adult Only

$360 Private (per person.min 3ppl to book)

From $220

Booking now for 2022!

Age limit 7 yrs and older and the kids will be fine!!!!!  (Better than the adults at the end.).  This horseback ride travels through endless Aspen trees, Lodgepole pines, thick foliage and wildflowers, while offering two amazing, wide open viewpoints of the mountains from the Gore Range down to Beaver Creek.  It’s possible for anyone to do this ride as long as your general level of fitness is good for an hour of uphill and an hour of downhill navigation.  Check your core strength and double it before you ride!!

May 27th-Jun 25th & Aug 27-Oct 1


Adult Only $260pp

Private Ride  $440pp (min. 3ppl to book)


Jun 26th – Aug 26th (Peak season)


Adult-Only $270pp

Private Ride $480pp (min. 3ppl to book)

Private Horseback Rides

Available for all trail rides

Are you looking for a memorable experience for the family? Or maybe it’s just the two of you looking for a romantic date on horseback, or you’re an experienced rider looking for an exclusive experience.

Either way, we can help. We offer private rides for a more personalized, intimate horseback riding experience. The quality time in the isolated beauty of the White River National Forest with breathtaking views of Vail is well worth your while.

Our guides are educated in natural horsemanship skills and share their knowledge of Vail’s history, flora, and fauna with you. All riding levels are welcome. Come join us for a private ride! (Min. 3ppl, does not include gratuity for the guide)