Unique Classes

We sell a few common trinkets. But most of our guests take home extraordinary things. Things like memories, unusual experiences, like Goat Yoga or Horsemanship and Equine Therapy Classes, or handmade goods (made by the guest themselves) by attending our Custom Knife-Building Class, or a belt from our Leather-Carving Class.

Some classes last an hour, while others may engage one for a full day or two.

It’s all the rage. This mood-lifting yoga class happens with live baby goats, and we welcome everyone to disconnect, relax and giggle. Goats are comical and friendly.

Step-by-step instruction to hand-build a custom knife with a handle made from either common or exotic materials. 1 full day class, additional day, as needed, to finish your knife.

Exceptional new camp for 2017. Work with young horses that are in the process of being “broke to ride”. Learn why we “sack out” a horse or desensitize. Learning advance and retreat, rhythmic pressure, steady pressure, building rapport, confidence and the trust of a young horse is a privilege for the select few.

What if you could learn to overcome your fear of horses? Or experience a breakthrough in your human relationships? What if you could actually learn to understand how these huge animals communicate? These are only a few examples of what you may experience in the Equine Love class.

This one-on-one class will help you look at yourself and the world in a new way. The horse acts as a mirror of your behavior, giving you instant feedback that other humans might withhold.

How cool is this?  Gather around the campfire. Smother your tongue with a warm toasted marshmallow S’more.  Tuck in for the night in our covered cots complete with clean sleep sack and ultra-warm sleeping bag.  Stargaze and listen to the horses snore, eat, nicker and paw. Coffee and pastries served in the morning!

Our personal photographers will capture you and your family or group in both posed and candid shots at the best spots on the trail and/or at the ranch.  You will receive beautifully edited photos.