What Happened to the Kids Program?



After a wonderful 16 year run, we have decided to discontinue our kids programs including Horse Camp, Pony Camp, Pony Rides and Horseback Rides.

There are still three opportunities for the kids to have fun at the ranch.  We allow children 8yrs+ to attend Goat Yoga.  They must stay on their mat during class.  We will have a play area for the kids while parents enjoy a cold brew at our new Saloon.  And finally, Bennie, the smallest pony that “shakes” your hand, and Spot, the largest horse we own will be on site for photos with a horse or pony.

It’s been a fulfilling and challenging endeavor.  We’ve had many, many beautiful families visit our little rancho on the hill which have resulted in all sorts of friendships and memories.  We will fondly remember Faith, Kayleigh, Abby, Anna, Claire, Laura, Kenzie, Cynthia, Kinley, Adriana, Nikki, Coco, Carmen, John, William, Liam, and I could go on and on!    There are a few that pushed everyone’s buttons, love you Thomas and Daniel!

We loved the horses and ponies that served the children well.  Todd, Clint, Chief, Mac, Belle, Nutmeg, Habanero, Daisy, Matilda, Jackie, Wanda and on and on too!

It’s just a new era for Vail Stables, and with that comes a change in the programming.  This move allows us to reduce our employee load from 27 to 7.   We are genuinely sorry if this comes as a huge disappointment.

We are planning to install a wedding venue and up to 20 cabins for year-round enjoyment on the property hopefully by summer 2019 if all goes well with the USFS, the TOV and our neighbors.  We will then begin to serve families with children again!!   (See fig. a)

(fig. a)