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Vail Stables

Five minutes from Vail but a world away. We do have the ultimate horseback ride in the mountains of Colorado. Guests from all around the world confirmed it.

Click to see the schedule.

Our Rustic Little Outfit Offers Something for Everyone During the Summer

pony at the bar

Closed until May 24th 2024  

100% sure we are not open for the remainder of 2023.  This includes the last week of September and the first week of October and all of the weeks following until late May 2024.


Located one easy mile (don’t walk!) NE of Vail Village

Here is the chart to help guide you with activities available for your family members.

Age Activity Activity Activity Activity Activity Activity
0-5 yrs Pet and brush the pony. Feed and pet the goats. Sandbox Ride-On Toys
5 – 6 yrs Rocky Point Ride Bear Hollow Ride G.O.A.T. Happy Hour All Private Rides Sandbox Ride-On Toys
7-99 yrs Rocky Point Ride Bear Hollow Ride Dark Timber Ride Elk Springs Ride G.O.A.T. Happy Hour Private Rides
18-99 yrs Adult-Only Rides Signing the Waiver
21-99 yrs Alcoholic Beverages Foolish Behavior

RIDICULOUSLY STRICT 48 hr and 5 minute cancellation policy.

Dress in layers as Colorado weather is very moody, and the forecast is usually deceiving.  A lot can happen in 1-2 hours on a mountain.  Please have more than a t-shirt and shorts for your skinny little kids.  



Horseback Rides (Now closed for 2023) 

Ages: 5+

Easy Online Booking for the 1 hour, 1.5 hour,  2 hour and Half-Day Horseback Rides

It’s magical, scenic and manageable for most people. 

95% of our guests have never ridden a horse before.  

We specialize in Kid-Safe and Husband-Safe Horses 

Limited to one 5-6 yr old on the 1 or 1.5 hour ride.  And NO, you do not book your 6-1/2 yr old as a 7-yr old to bypass the terms.  Limited to three 7-9 yr olds on all rides.

G.O.A.T. Happy Hour Included for Horseback Rders

STRICT Weight Limit: – 220lbs < 6′ > 240lbs < 6’4″> 260lbs)

Upgrade to Private Ride and Adult-Only 18 yrs+, please call to book.

Read the FAQs here, before you call, or just send a quick email, because our hands are full!



GOGA Vail (Now closed for 2024)

8 Yrs and Up


Yoga – with 20, frolicking, baby goats getting in your face and your space.  It’s a fun, novel, weird, zen, bucket list type of thing.  Puts a smile on your dour face.  

 8 yrs+ (any age, if you buy out the class of 20)

Check out the GOGA schedule online. $40pp 8yrs+ unless you buyout the class of 20.  Then littles are welcome.  


G.O.A.T. Happy Hour  (Now closed for 2023 Season)

Not open often this week as we close down.  But when we are it’s sooooo good.  

        Click to See Hours 

Walk-ups welcome, no reservations required. 

Reservations guarantee the bartender will be open until the posted closing time on our online schedule.  If it’s too quiet, she sometimes closes down.  

$10pp 6 yrs+

Walk ups welcome!  Gliders, shade, a great view, chill vibe and plenty of adult beverages like cold beer, mixed cocktail drinks in a can and wine.  Hang with goats and a non-rideable pony.   Your kids might not talk to you for 3 hours. 

  Sometimes we have private buyout parties.  See the schedule G.O.A.T. Happy Hour to confirm.  Please don’t call.  We do not have a receptionist.  

G.O.A.T. Happy Hour Reservations guarantee she will stay until the last minute of the posted schedule just for you.   Otherwise, she may bolt if the place is empty.

An adult hangout that is very family-friendly (all ages) with canned music, a fenced-in area, shaded sandbox, play-on toys, very few rules, (Hey kid, don’t kick the goats!) 20 baby goats to feed, snacks and kid beverages.  A parent’s dream vacation spot.  Let the goats and pony entertain the kids while you (slightly) check out on a comfy glider.

$10 admission, per human 6 and over (0-5yrs free with paying adult),   Walk-Ups welcome!  This is an all day event.  See the hours on our calendar.  Parents MUST accompany their tiny children.  It’s awkward if you expect the other paying parents to rescue your small, short, screeching child, holding a tin of goat treats, from goaty-goats while you watch from the free area.  

Nope.  You cannot bring your dog, cat or elephant.  It would be a social media nightmare if your dog bit a goat, your cat scratched a kid or your elephant sat on a pony.  

a group of people riding on the back of a horse

Pony Time (Now closed for 2023 Season)

Kids can pet or brush our lovely Pony “Bennie” but no riding.  And no hand feeding!  Little fingers look like little carrots.  Use a bowl from the bartender.

Pony Rides discontinued due to bar fights between parents concerning who gets the pony first.


Q:  We know you aren’t open for G.O.A.T. Happy Hour now and you all look so busy but can you just get the pony out for us?  Our daughter has been dying to ride a pony.

A:  Neigh.

If 2023 is anything like last year, it will be ridiculous. We encourage you to make your reservations as soon as possible to secure the ride and time slot or class you desire. You have 48 Hours and 5 Minutes prior to check-in time to cancel your reservation and receive a full refund.

Q:  Why do we have to pay in advance?

A:  Because we are all dumb cowboys and cowgirls and the software people say that’s how it works.

From $10

G.O.A.T. Happy Hour.  Get here for the happiest hours in town!!   Enjoy the relaxed vibe in our beer garden with a beautiful view of Vail Mountain, cool drinks, 20 baby goats, a few ponies, a sandbox and play on toys for the tiniest of kids, and maybe a nap in a hammock.  Feed treats to the goats and horses and listen to the music from our state-of-the-art surround sound system.  Continued…click “Learn More” below.

Ages (0-5) Free. Ages 6yrs+ $10 Admission. Show up anytime within the posted hours for the day you want to visit.


Feel free to download the release in advance and complete fully.


  • G.O.A.T. Activity
From $40

Goat Yoga is an amazing experience for those who want to unwind, laugh, and relax while attempting to do the downward dog with a young goat or several goats winding around and between your limbs.  There is a lot of poo (and pee) from the goats snd older people that laugh or cough.  They do not wear diapers.  Let that stuff go!!!  Just let it go.  We are pretty sure those little pellets are probiotics and if you eat one, you will be healthy for at least a year.  Seriously, we hope you don’t actually do that.  It’s supposed to be a joke.  Don’t eat the poo!  It’s hard to believe we even have to add that little disclaimer.  But we are in strange times.  Everyone is looking for the magic pill.

Ages 8 yrs+ Buy out the whole class if you want little kids under 8 yrs old to participate.  Buyout the class of 20 if you want littles to attend.



From $165

This ride is something special, especially when you’re surrounded by a sea of quaking aspen trees. There’s something about those trees, the way they shimmer and shake in the breeze, that just sets your soul on fire.

As you ride through the mountains, you can feel the power of your horse beneath you, their hooves pounding against the earth, carrying you deeper into the wilderness. You breathe in the crisp mountain air, letting it fill your lungs, and you feel alive in a way that only a cowboy can understand.  Continued…click “Learn More” below.

Ages 5 yrs+

From $220

Say yes, to being transported to another world, a world of breathtaking beauty and majesty. The landscape around you is a tapestry of meadows, wildflowers, lodgepole pines, and quaking aspen trees, and the air is alive with the sound of nature.

As you ride through the meadows, the sun warming your skin and the wind in your hair, you feel a sense of peace and tranquility wash over you. The gentle sway of the horse beneath you is like a lullaby, and you are lulled into a state of pure bliss.  Continued…click “Learn More” below.

Ages  7 yrs +


Discover Vail, Colorado

Vail Stables is uncompromisingly Colorado, specializing in beautiful mountain horseback rides near the town of Vail.

We have been the leading provider of tours on horseback for over 20 years and offer adventurers an all-access pass into the backcountry of the White River National Forest.

The spirit of the Old West rides on the breezes flowing through the quaking Aspens and echoes in the squeaking leather saddles. Our passion is to create transformational experiences through horseback riding.

Our friendly, experienced guides, gentle horses, and awe-inspiring trails await your arrival.

Note:  The information on this website supersedes any other information found on printed materials or other websites.


Home of the G.O.A.T. Happy Hour - The Happiest Hour in Town

Extremely family friendly.  Relax in our gliders with a stunning view of the slopes. We have cold beer and wine for the adults, soda and juice available for the kids. Take a selfie with the goats, roosters, ponies and horses.  Feed them some treats and enjoy the chill vibe of farm life in the Rockies

Check the schedule online for reservations.  Random days available.

G.O.A.T. Happy Hour reservations $10 for ages 6+.  0-5 is free, unless you want them to ride a pony.

Pony Rides available for kids 0-5 (zero to five) (f-i-v-e).  Book that option under G.O.A.T. Happy Hour or walk up until 3:30.


Treat Yourself to the Ultimate Adventure

Goat Yoga so much fun!

"My daughter convinced me to sign her up for goat yoga. We got there and all decided to join her as a family. It was so much fun. Amy was the instructor and was awesome. She gave us a nice workout and gave us plenty of time to interact with the goats. The goats were sweet and fun. Highly recommend. We may try to do it again before our vacation ends."

– kjtex2016 · TripAdvisor
Visited twice in 3 days- so much fun!

"We booked a family trail ride our first day of vacation in Vail- it was so great- horses were very sweet and gentle, scenery was gorgeous, ride was very relaxing. Then we found out they have Goga (Goat yoga), and the girls HAD to come back for that, so day 3 of our trip we were back at Vail Stables for a really fun session of goat yoga with the sweetest goats and great yogi leading the session. Highly recommend both experiences!!"

– SOonthebeach · TripAdvisor
Excellent Beginner Ride

"Having almost no horseback riding experience, 2 hour Vail Stables tour was perfect for our family with 2 tweens/teens. Climb into forest was manageable, not scary at all, and views were amazing. Horses in beautiful condition and very well trained. On our ride we hardly did any directing, in fact, we could have actually handled going faster."

– KrisC3333 · TripAdvisor
Best ride we've been on. Great route and overall great experience.

"Great experience from the minute we checked in. Our guide was Ellen and she was terrific. Got us ready and off we went on a fantastic 2-hour ride. Great pics along the way. Never considered about the horses or trails and we got up and down the mountain with incredible views and great memories. Highly recommended! Do the 2-hr ride. well worth it!"

– David K. · TripAdvisor
Loved it!

"We decided to go for a horseback riding after my kids (10 and 12 years old) insisted... my husband didn't want to come but somehow we convinced him. We all loved it!!! The horses are so perfectly train that you literally don't need to do anything... it was a great experience and a great way to see Vail from a new perspective! Will definitely be back."

– Karilli · TripAdvisor