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Happy G.O.A.T. Hours

Appropriate for All Ages.

Quick Details

$10 Admission 6yrs+

0-5 yrs free

See schedule online.


From :
$ 10

Goats are very goaty and ponies are trouble.  They will knock over your just purchased drink, forcing you to purchase another.  They will cause you to spill your just purchased container of treats, forcing you to buy another.  (They receive a commission on every additional purchase.)  They are lovable and pushy, always starving for treats and attention and camera time.   This is where you have to pull on your big person bloomers and be smarter and tougher than the goats.  It’s a great time and you might create a viral Insta post.

Book your birthday, office, bachelorette, reception or corporate party for a unique, fun experience.

Appropriate for small children as we have a sandbox, ride on toys and a fenced-in area.  Relax parents, it’s a good place to chill.  Your child might not talk to you for 3 hours.

Open often.  Check the online booking system for that information.  Sometimes we book a private event from 3-5pm which means a shorter public Happy Hour.  Without a reservation we might do that.  Reservations guarantee we will stay until the published time on a given day.

$10 Admission 6yrs+. 48 hour and 5 minute cancellation policy.

Serving; A variety of beverages.

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