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  • G.O.A.T. Activity

Family GOGA! (Goat Yoga)

Quick Details

Goats + Yoga + Families = Family GOGA  – Goat Yoga is one of the weirdest, craziest and fun ideas to come out of the farm animal world, and it has quickly become the most popular activity here at Vail Stables.  A lot of poop (and pee) happens!  They do not wear diapers.  But you have to let that stuff go.  That’s a lesson in Yoga isn’t it?    If yoga isn’t your thing, just lay there and let them sleep on your stomach


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Participant Ages 8 & up

Experience Goat Yoga with Us at Vail Stables

It’s a 1 hour experience.  Your reservation lists the check in time.  In the bar area, you will fill out a waiver.  The instructor will lead everyone to the outdoor yoga studio where everyone will dress the goats for the day, and class will begin. It lasts for 45 minutes.  The final 15 minutes are for posing and pictures with the goats.

What seemed like a crazy idea six years ago has since become the most popular activity at our Vail ranch: GOGA! Our first goat yoga classes were packed with people who wanted to pose yoga-style in the midst of small goats that would jump, bump heads, sleep, and play around (and sometimes on) the participants. The laughter from the goat yoga area filled the air and piqued the interest of anyone within earshot. You must join us to experience it for yourself!

We expect more than the usual mayhem of Goat Yoga by opening up the class to all ages.  It’s your party!  Spectators can watch from the saloon area and enjoy a beverage. We are genuinely sorry that we cannot allow spectators to sit inside the yoga area as the goats are often distracted by the spectators and ignore paying participants.  Men, women, and children alike are sure to find themselves enthralled by the humorous goats. Relaxing comes naturally. Judgment doesn’t exist. All eyes and hearts are on the goats.

What to Bring

  • Bring a water bottle
  • Mats are provided
  • Wear yoga clothing that can withstand a little nibbling.

Cancellation Policy –

  • 48 hours and 5 minutes for regular classes, 7 days for private classes.

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